Holistic Therapies Albany NY

Craniosacral Therapy

This therapy is truly holistic in nature – integrating body, mind and spirit –  for a deeply balancing and regenerating experience. Gentle holds are used to “listen” to your body’s subtle energetic rhythms, allowing its’ innate intelligence to guide you toward more optimum health. This treatment could be considered a “tune-up” of the nervous system, as it effectively releases tension and restrictions and is helpful for a variety of stress-related conditions including anxiety and depression.

  • 30 min $40
  • 60 min $75


This foot treatment takes healing and rebalancing to a deeper level.  Taken from traditional therapies practiced by ancient cultures, this treatment has stood the test of time as effective and highly beneficial.

Reflexology rebalances the whole body on a deeper level. Specific reflex points on the feet are stimulated to promote deep relaxation, aid detoxification and allow for more optimal functioning of organs and body systems. A deeper, more focused pressure is used, compared to the moderate pressure of the foot massage listed above.

Foot Reflexology

  • 30 min $40 – Complimentary warm towels are provided for feet
  • 60 min $75 – Complimentary warm towels are provided for feet